We are pleased to announce the launch of a player that is changing the game of video players and meeting the challenges of the coming years.

Digiteka Player V5

User Centric

  • The Player V5 knows how to adapt its operation dynamically to each user according to their mode of video consumption. The trigger mode of the player, in particular, the length of the videos watched, the relationship to advertisements, the device used, the available bit rate, and so on.
  • The Player V5 also adapts the recommended content to each user.
  • The Player V5 was designed in accordance with the RGPD regulation of May 24, 2018.


  • The Player V5 was designed and built for improved mobile use. Via light and minimalist codes to process the reduction of latency and the optimization of requests. The Player's servers have been improved for the users of the video content.
  • Player V5 can also filter ad campaigns that are too heavy for mobile devices.
  • Ask us about measurement benchmarks.


  • New customizable algorithms are available with the Player V5, they allow both the contextual recommendations and the recommendations of contents of type discovery or in affinity.
  • The algorithms are dynamic and take into account the editorial context.


  • The Player V5 knows how to adapt the diffusion of the advertisements to allow the optimization of the KPIs expected by the advertisers, campaign by campaign.
  • The Player V5 knows how to guarantee the visibility of ads and optimize completion rates. It also knows how to adapt the distribution of advertising to each user and optimize user / content / advertising compatibility.


  • The Player V5 knows how to guarantee the brand safety of diffusion of the contents and advertisements but also the content safety and control within the pages.


  • The Player V5 brings a certification of measurement and statiscs via the main influences in the market.ti
  • We certify the concordance to within 5% of the impression, visibility and completion statistics with the following measurers: Google, Integral AdScience, Moat, Internet AT and Nielsen Médiametrie


  • The V5 player makes it possible to address audiences or groups of audience as much as possible for the distribution of editorial content.

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