Manage and optimize your monetization sources directly

We are at your disposal to complete your monetization ...

Manage the programming of your sites in a complete and autonomous way

  • Programming of direct sales
  • Programming the tags of your governed partners
  • Interconnection with SSP, DSP & Trading Desk
  • Device management, direct administration of priority ranks, cascades, exclusives by site / device / territory / OS / Browser
  • Activation of monetization sources by territory
  • Management of priority rules, exclusivity, blind, semi blind, etc.
  • Management of the specific rules of dynamic distribution, partial smoothing or / boost on periods / targeting, etc.

VideoAdex is compatible with all Adservers, SPPs, DSPs and Trading Desks.

Optimize visibility performance and completion of campaigns automatically

  • Set campaign goals
  • Automate programming for goals to be achieved
  • Get automated tips to optimize campaign trafficking (by site, topic, device, time, content)

Enable and track campaign performance

For direct or indirect sales, measure the KPI's live:

  • Completion rate (TRV)
  • Visibility rate
  • Full & Visible Frame Rates
  • Full frame rate with last second visibility etc.
  • etc

Integrate your DFP and / or DFPs of your partners

  • Integrate your DFP
  • Interface your campaigns with the DMPs of your partners or customers
  • Access your DFP targeting directly from VideoAdex

Add semantic targeting and content targeting to your offer

  • Target keywords, themes or dedicated catalogs
  • Track performance by semantic targeting
  • Operate your targeting on the contents of your sites or third-party sites

Monitor the technical capacity of your inventory

  • Track attrition performance, speed by tags, creatives, etc.

Open inventories that were not available before (Adblocks, foreign IPs / specific content) to external demand