Deirdre Kelly, Head Of Programmatic, Haymarket:

"We have been particularly impressed by the video distribution, with Digiteka exactly matching relevant videos to the editorial content. Onsite Video views have increased by 500%, building out valuable revenue stream for our business. We have tried previous editorial content distribution & matching services; this is the first one which actually works. The Porsche Alpine content actually pulls up car content rather than pictures of the Alps!

From having no video in article/on-site to having 100% video-per-page producing monetisable video inventory at scale, Haymarket sales have increased significantly due to the volumes and quality of the inventory and the player will continue to be rolled out across Haymarket’s portfolio of media sites"


Steve Machin, Group Advertising Director, Dennis Publishing:

“The Digiteka player has enabled Dennis to tap into the video ad market to a much greater degree, and generates monetisable instream video inventory where there was none before. This has led to an increase in Onsite video inventory of approximately 10 million impressions per month across 8 Dennis sites, and now accounts for as much as 80% of total onsite video impressions for those sites. Digiteka’s flexible approach to content allowed us a beneficial solution for our various brand strategies. Digiteka generates high-performing instream video inventory at scale, which compliments our quality brand safe advertising environments with a quality video-product.

Importantly for us, Digiteka's product offers a flexible solution for both sales and content, allowing us to tailor the right approach for our many different brands, and ensuring a great experience for our users. As a result, Digiteka's player remains core to Dennis' video strategy."


Tim Satchell, MD, Planet Sport Network:

"Digiteka’s revenue share model gave us a risk-free way of exploring the world of video given that we are traditionally a text-and-pictures publisher. We were reluctant to fund expensive video technology and content so Digiteka has given us insights and entry into video publishing that we might not otherwise have had. The creation of a solid new revenue stream from video advertising has been a key benefit; we were making very little revenue from video with our previous partner.  "